Easy Peasy Guide To Digital Photography

Dates? (Series?)  |  TX-Ture Farm 1833 Dr Sanders Rd, Cross Roads TX 76227

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  1. What is digital Photography
    1. Meaning of dslr
    2. Meaning of mirrorless
  2. Fill frame versus not
  3. Shooting raw or in JPEG. When to use either or.
  4. Shooting in manual, in aperture
  5. Shooting in manual
    1. What is iso
    2. what is aperture
    3. What is f stop
    4. What is white balance
  6. Back button focusing for faster focus. Why it makes it faster
  7. Why sharp focus will make or break your photography
  8. Lighting basics
    1. Outdoor photography and eBay times to shoot (sunrise and sunset make for diffused light and colors)
    2. Light behind subject
    3. Light at the side of a subject
    4. Light directly at subject
    5. Indoor photography
    6. Using window light to your advantage- almost all photos can be taken by a window.
    7. If shooting with lights on- will crate shadow under eyes so you want to have soft box at 45 degree angle
    8. Night photography and using lamps to youradvantage
  9. Angles and posing for the best shots
  10. Shoot to have best in soc shot fo that your editing can be minimum
  11. Editing options: Lightroom, picmonkey for fun practice, Nikon has their own now. – presets and how they can help you learn how to edit
  12. Camera recommendations Nikon Z line is top of the line.

About the Instructor, Ilona Jade

Ilona Jade is a multi-published commercial and portrait photographer located in Dallas.  Starting out in 2011, she has been expanding for ten years!  People are always asking her to teach them the captivating way she photographs people and what her secrets are.  After putting together the best of her knowledge and expertise, Ilona is going to be teaching and empowering students on jump starting their photography passion!  You can view her work on www.ilonajade.com.