Photo Shoots

Seasonal Interest

  • Alpacas are at their fullest Oct – Mar.  They are shorn at the end of March.  
  • Wild plum trees generally bloom very briefly in March
  • Native redbuds generally bloom briefly in April
  • Lavender blooms in May and June (peak season charges apply). 
  • Yellow loofah flowers bloom and gourds set July through September
  • Fall of 2022 our Christmas trees will be ready for photoshoots (peak season pricing applies).

Photoshoot Policy

  • For Farm Photo Shoots, notify us if clients intend to bring a dog.  Dogs are allowed with advanced notice and must remain leashed while visiting TX-Ture Farm. 
  • For Alpaca Photo Shoots, no dogs are allowed.  Alpacas and dogs don’t mix and may result in injury to animals or humans.  Please leave your pet at home and not in the parked car.  
  • No picking or disturbing plants or animals.  A damage charge may be assessed along with the loss of future access to the property. 
  • All props and trash must be removed from the property
  • Balloons, rice, confetti, glitter, and other loose materials are not allowed.
  • Sparklers, smoke bombs and items that pose a fire risk are not allowed.
  • No smoking anywhere on the property.
  • Be courteous, don’t block customer access during regular business hours.
  • Do not climb on or tamper with structures or equipment.
  • If photos are posted online or on social media, TX-Ture Farm requests attribution and tagging as #txturefarm.

TX-Ture Farm reserves the right to exclude any groups or individuals deemed to be hostile, detrimental or a risk to the TX-Ture Farm property or interests.  Groups found violating any photography policy will be asked to end their session and leave the property.  No refunds will be given.