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Candle Making & Wine Tasting

During this interactive workshop, you will learn about candle making and create your own soy-wax candle to take home with you!  We have a wide variety of fragrances to choose from, or can provide a recommendation based on the type of scents you love.  While the candles are drying, enjoy wine pairings by WineShop at Home.
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Vinyasa Yoga With Alpacas!

Experience yoga, as never experienced before!  Yoga with alpacas allows you a full hour, true all levels vinyasa class, outdoors with the alpacas.  Allowing yourself the flow of yoga, and surrounding yourself in true beauty and nature, as alpacas surround you. After class, enjoy 30 min of petting and feeding the fluffy little ones. This is a true experience to bring you strength, love, and joy.
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Walk-A-Paca Experience

90-Minute Alpaca Experience for up to 6 people.  A unique experience with the teddy bears of the camel family. Learn about these amazing animals, cuddle them and take them on a guided walk along lavender fields, honeybee apiary, Christmas Tree fields, and wooded trails.
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